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Introduction to Women's Federation

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The Bready Women's Federation was established in November 2018. It aims to care for and serve the company's female employees and their families, improve the overall quality and happiness of female employees, and promote the harmonious development of the company.

The Bready Women's Federation held its first women's congress on December 10, 2018, and elected an executive committee composed of 15 members, including 1 chairman, 2 vice-chairmen and 12 committee members. The members of the Executive Committee are all outstanding female employees of the company. They are loyal to the party's line, principles and policies, love their jobs, care about and love the cause of women and children, have close contact with the masses, are trusted by the masses, and have overall awareness and the ability to participate in politics. , young and vigorous, and culturally literate.

Since its establishment, the Bready Women's Federation has actively carried out various women's work and organized various trainings, activities and services using the company's training rooms, canteens, gyms, dormitories and other venues. For example, we have carried out training in legal knowledge, vocational skills, mental health, family education, etc.; held festival activities to celebrate Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Double Ninth Festival and other festivals, exchanged gifts, and commended outstanding people; carried out activities to care for left-behind children, Help needy families, participate in charity volunteer services and other services. These tasks and activities not only enrich the work and life of female employees and their children, improve their professional level and mental outlook, but also enhance the friendship and unity among them, forming a good relationship of sharing happiness and helping each other in difficulties. Atmosphere.

The Bready Women's Federation has effectively strengthened the construction of grassroots women's organizations, given full play to the role of women's organizations as bridges, and strived to build the Women's Federation into a strong position for the party to carry out women's work and a warm home deeply relied on and loved by the majority of women. The Bready Women's Federation will continue to be guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, closely focus on the company's central work, actively perform its responsibilities, innovate work methods, serve the majority of female employees and their families, and contribute to building a new era of "Strong, Rich, Beautiful and High" Jiang Ning contributed.