Unleash your creativity and show your influence

Unleash Your Creativity and Show Us Your Influence

Recruitment Items

Fresh Graduates Recruitment

We provide internship or internship opportunities for outstanding students at home and abroad, supplying students with the opportunity to understand and experience Betty's internship or practice.

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Intern Recruitment

Technical Experts, Sales Elites, Management Experts, and Talents with Overseas Work Locations.

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Social Recruitment

For college, undergraduate, master's, and doctoral students who have graduated within one year at home and abroad.

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Salary and Benefits

Excellent Salary and Benefits



Friendly Holiday Gifts, Every Memorable Day, We Are With You.



Rich Holidays Don't Miss Important Moments for Your Family



Diversified Health Care Helps Better Your Work and Life



Perfect Accommodation Environment



Work Atmosphere

A Pragmatic and Efficient Work Style

Focusing on Essence Without Formalism, Valuing Customer Feedback and Practical Effects, Advocating Innovation and Creativity, and Maintaining Vitality

An Equal and Open Collaborative Atmosphere

Does not discuss seniority, does not engage in faction

internal information is open and transparent, most documents are open by default

Moderately Challenging Work Goals

"Jump, enough"

Promotes our growth and development, and brings us closer to our goals and ideals

Rich and Diverse Training Opportunities

Technical guidance, in-class training, case study, sand table simulation

outdoor development, industry exchange

organizational culture, values and strategy promotion

overseas opportunities

Pragmatic and efficient way of working Equal and open collaborative atmosphere Moderately challenging work objectives Rich and varied training opportunities

Bready's Life

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A Balanced Diet, Timely Supplementation of Energy, Customized Coffee and Milk Tea.

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Office Environment

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Bready Delicious Food/ Office Environmen/t Natural Environment/ Dormitory Environment

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Intelligent management and one-stop butler service make employees live comfortably and focus on more meaningful things.

Bready Delicious Food Office Environment Natural Environment Dormitory environment

Innocation by Advanced Materials

Excellent compensation and benefits

salary income: standard salary, post subsidy, skill subsidy, year-end bonus, meal subsidy, transportation subsidy, communication subsidy, travel subsidy, nearby housing subsidy, interview subsidy, five insurances and one fund

reward/incentive: internal promotion reward/improvement reward/patent bonus/equity incentive/continuing education reward/professional title identification reward/contribution reward

Warm holiday gifts, every memorable day, we are with you

Spring Festival gift box, Dragon Boat Festival gift box, Mid-Autumn Festival gift box, birthday surprise, every memorable day, we are with you

Rich holidays do not miss the important moments of the family

annual leave, parental leave, one-child care leave, family visit leave, family open day ...... the people you love, we guard together.

Parental Leave (If your child is under the age of three, you will receive 10 working days of fully paid parental leave each year.)

one-child nursing leave (the only child enjoys 5 days of paid nursing leave every year during the period when the only child's parents are ill and hospitalized after reaching the age of 60.)

Family Open Day (Invite family members to Bedi to narrow the distance between "everyone" and "small family" so that family members can know more about the enterprise.)

Diversified health care to help you better work life

Annual physical examination, supporting fitness facilities, health lectures, first aid training exercises, helping everyone to work and live in good health

Perfect accommodation environment

Intelligent management, one-stop butler service, so that employees live comfortably, focus on more meaningful things