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Jiangsu Functional Polymer Membrane Materials Engineering Research Center

Jiangsu Functional Polymer Membrane Materials Engineering Research Center was built by Nanjing Bready Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and was approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission in 2020.

The main task of the center is to carry out the research and development, industrialization, and application promotion of functional polymer membrane materials, providing technical support and services for the development of the advanced material industry in Jiangsu Province and even the whole country.

The center has a high-level scientific research team, as well as advanced experimental equipment and testing methods, capable of carrying out the design, preparation, characterization, and performance evaluation of various types of functional polymer membrane materials.

The research directions of the center include but are not limited to: optical polymer membranes, Nano-fluorescent materials, composite functional membrane materials, polymer membrane materials for new energy fields, and polymer membrane materials for ultra-high frequency communication fields.

The center focuses on the innovation driven strategy of the country and our province, deploys innovation chains around the industrial chain, enhances the stability and competitiveness of the industrial chain, and promotes high-quality economic development. Also it has promoted and improved the construction of an independent innovation system that focuses on enterprises, market-oriented, and combines industry, academia, research, and funding. The center has committed to establishing close cooperative relationships with relevant enterprises, universities, and research institutions, jointly promoting the innovation and application of functional polymer membrane materials, and contributing to solving major challenges in the fields of energy, environment, and health.