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TCL85 Inch Mini LED TV Launched

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According to official TCL news, the TCL flagship Mini LED TV Q10H series is now available in sizes of 65, 75, and 85 inches. This series of 65 inch to 85 inch TVs are equipped with Bready Advanced Material quantum dot series film products. Taking the 85 inch version as an example, this product has the same price as the 86 inch Mini LED that Xiaomi TV Master just released. Xiaomi uses 1080 level partition backlight with a peak brightness of up to 2000nits. And TCL, with a maximum of 2304 backlight zones and a peak brightness of 3000nits, is equipped with a higher standard backlight requirement, and is equipped with a more colorful and realistic Bready Advanced Material quantum dot series film product. Quantum dot backlighting technology is a advanced display technology that utilizes nanomaterials to emit light. It can improve the color expression and contrast of televisions, while reducing energy consumption and costs. The principle of quantum dot backlighting technology is to add a thin film containing quantum dots to the Mini-led backlight layer. When the LED emits blue light, the quantum dots will absorb some of the blue light and convert it into red and green light, thus achieving full color display.

The TCL flagship Mini LED TV Q10H series uses high-density Mini LED backlight modules, each containing thousands of smiling LED beads, which can achieve finer zoning control and higher brightness. Combining quantum dot backlighting technology, the TCL flagship Mini LED TV Q10H series can achieve 98% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage and a peak brightness of 3000nit, presenting a brilliant visual effect.



In addition, the flagship Mini LED TV of TCL Q10H adopts TCL Huaxing's high-end HVA soft screen, which has poor shading ability, contrast, and easy light leakage compared to the IPS hard screen, which can significantly improve the native contrast; At the same time, it is equipped with nano level anti-interference low reflection film to reduce screen reflection and present a more transparent image of Mini LED.



The backlight system, composed of 576 driver chips, has a 16bit image content perception ability and can achieve precise control of 65000 levels of area backlight. Through real-time image backlight adjustment, it brings clearer and more realistic display effects.