R&D Engineer (Liquid Crystal Polymer)

Negotiable in Interview

Minimum Education:


Number of Recruits:


Work area:

Nanjing, Jiangsu

Job Responsibilities

1. Be responsible for the research of film forming technology and process related to polymer materials such as polyimide and liquid crystal polymers in the company, including the optimization of raw material particle formula and improvement of film forming technology process.

2. Optimize and improve product formulations based on market and customer needs.

3. Regularly understand the development and changes of the industry, market, competitors, and customers, closely track and grasp the new development trends of similar products at home and abroad, collect research and development data on market development, and seek technical cooperation strategic partners to improve product competitiveness.

4. Form proprietary technology with independent intellectual property rights.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in polymer materials, chemical engineering, etc., with good physical health and a positive work attitude.

2. Have experience in polymer extrusion and stretching processes, as well as work experience in the synthesis and modification of polymer materials such as polyimide and liquid crystal polymers.

3. Possess good academic Beijing, strong innovation vitality, and academic strength, and the ability to independently carry out research work; Be able to comprehensively grasp the layout and plan of the project in charge, cooperate with the company's product development rhythm, and consciously serve the overall strategic goals of the company;

4. Possess strong ability in literature search, reading, and analysis;

5. Have a sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.

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