Warm congratulations to Mr. Liu Yong, Chairman of Nanjing Bedi Electronics Co., LTD., for winning the title of "Jiangsu Province Technology Entrepreneur"


According to the website of the provincial Department of Science and Technology, jointly initiated by Jiangsu Provincial Organization Department, Jiangsu Provincial Talent Working Group Office, Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, in accordance with the spirit of the Opinions on the Implementation of the Support Plan for Science and Technology Entrepreneurs (2018) (No. 32), on the basis of individual application, local preliminary examination and recommendation, expert review, comprehensive review by relevant departments, There are 1,480 science and technology entrepreneurs in Jiangsu Province and 217 enterprises in Nanjing on the list.

Mr. Liu Yong, chairman of Nanjing Bedi Electronics Co., LTD., was selected.

Warm congratulations!

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About provincial tech entrepreneurs

As for provincial science and technology entrepreneurs, the government departments give priority to recommending and supporting the enterprises of entrepreneurs to apply for national and provincial talent projects, provincial major science and technology projects and industrial projects, as well as identifying high enterprise and other qualifications, so as to promote enterprises' continuous independent innovation and improve research and development ability. At the same time, the government will also open external resources that can enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises to enterprises. By supporting enterprises to promote products with core competitiveness, establish brands and quality standards, enterprises will drive and broaden the industrial chain on the road of growing bigger and stronger, and reduce their own risks or even transfer risks through supporting measures for scientific and technological entrepreneurs. Ensure the steady progress of enterprises.

Science and technology entrepreneurs are compound innovation talents of science and technology and market. They connect science and technology innovation with industrial market. They are an important force leading the high-quality development of high-tech industry and the "strongest brain" of innovation and entrepreneurship.

This time, Mr. Liu Yong, chairman of Nanjing Bedi Electronics Co., Ltd. won the title of "Provincial Science and Technology Entrepreneur", which fully reflects the affirmation of the government departments for Nanjing Bedi in the process of enterprise management, continuous pursuit of excellence, showing the company's excellent scientific research ability and core competitiveness; At the same time, coupled with high-quality nurturing environment and solid foundation, also provides the possibility of leapfrog development for the company.