Nanjing Bedi sends cooling benefits to employees in hot summer


With the arrival of summer, "furnace" Nanjing has continued high temperature.

In this hot summer, only hope "withered rattan old tree faint crow, air conditioning WIFI watermelon."

And in Nanjing Bedi,

But some employees are outside in the heat

Stay where you are,

Work hard.

To keep the staff cool,

To ensure the physical and mental health of employees,

Nanjing Bedi today for the hard work in the front line employees,

Send a cool.

The mung beans, after repeated washing,

After a long time of cooking,

And refrigerate in the cold storage.

The department of Personnel Planning has cleared dozens of employees this afternoon

A carefully cooked mung bean soup was served.


At the same time, the company also prepared

"Rendan", "Huoxiang Zhengqi pills", etc

Anti-heat and cooling drugs,

In order to do a good job of heat stroke, fainting and other emergency treatment.


And employees were pleasantly surprised by the cool summer perks,

Mung bean soup is also very popular.

While deeply feeling the care of Nanjing Bedi for employees,

People also seem more motivated to work.

Seeing the happy faces of the employees who came to collect the mung bean soup,

Everyone thought it was worth it!