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LCP film
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LCP film is an aromatic thermoplastic polyester, a new type of high performance special engineering plastics. It is characterized by low moisture absorption, high chemical resistance and high gas resistance.​​ It is a dielectric material with a low dielectric constant and a low dielectric loss factor, which makes 5G technology have a higher frequency and speed. In the future, it will be widely used in mobile phone antennas, camera flexible boards, notebook computer high-speed transmission lines, and smart watch antennas. Assuming that the future 5G layout conforms to the public expectation and the global coverage will be achieved in 5 years, based on the demand for 6 LCP antennas of iPhoneXS series and XR series in 2018, it can be predicted that the market size of LCP antenna film materials will reach 4 billion yuan in 2022.

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