Recruitment front-line operatives, die-cutting workers, printing workers.

With or without experience can be, 18-35 years old, male or female.

Way of working:

1. Working time: 5 days 8 hours work system, overtime to calculate overtime. Night shift allowance is granted at night.

2. Career Development: Employees with excellent performance can be promoted to staff positions through internal promotion channels.

Salary Standard:

1. Salary: basic salary + job performance bonus + night shift allowance + attendance bonus + overtime pay + seniority wage, the average comprehensive wage 2600-5000 yuan per month;

Welfare: 1. After the positive and the company signed a direct labor contract.

2. Companies to provide dormitory.

3. Companies to provide free lunch in the restaurant, evening meal meal.

4. Birthday to provide birthday benefits.

5. Monthly excellent staff selection and awarding excellent bonuses.

6. Birthday benefits are distributed on a festive basis.

Address: China 's Jiangsu Jiangning District of Nanjing Road, Germany on the 5th