Wisdom Bready Excellence in the Future   

Interpretation of the spirit of enterprise:

"If the government of the country, so that the wisdom of those who rule the country, the state of chaos, can be as if already."

"Dazhi degree theory" volume forty-three: "Prajna, all the wisdom of the most first, supreme incomparable, no winner, exhausted to the side.

The foundation of wisdom, especially in modern society, can not survive in modern society without the wisdom of modern man. The spirit of enterprise to borrow "wisdom" embodies the Beidi people with ingenuity and pioneering and innovative, never climb the spirit of the peak.

Zhuo: extraordinary: Zhuo see, Zoran, excellence, outstanding, extraordinary, the more 'spent, beyond: over. Excellence: Outstanding;

"Wisdom Bready, excellent future." The first sentence and the latter sentence for the causal relationship, that is, through the wisdom of pioneering and innovative, and achieved extraordinary results.